Why We Chose 3M Automotive Window Tint

Choosing to get our windows tinted was a simple decision for us. We knew all of the benefits - protection from breakage, UV rays, and more. The difficult part was deciding what brand of 3M window tint Austin to get.


I wasn't really familiar with any brand names, so I simply Googled "automotive window tint brands" and "highly rated automotive window tints". I figured this would bring up the best results, and that's how I came across the brand 3M.


3M automotive window tint has a great reputation for providing safety, security, and style to car windows. The non-metallized tints are high-quality, flawless looking, and perfectly suit our needs. We decided to get this kind of tint for our car.


We had the choice between applying window tint films at home and getting some help with it. My fiance and I decided that getting the work done professionally would be best. After all, we wanted to make sure the tint was applied perfectly.


I'm super happy with the choice we made. I've recommended 3M to my friends whenever they comment on how great my windows look. Every penny spent on this was certainly worth it.

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